Website Planning

Save MoneyCareful strategic thought and consideration is required to build a website that customers find engaging, informative and easy to use, and search engines can index (find) quickly and efficiently. Plans need to be in place for mobile devices as well. Your website will designed with these in mind and also will be structured for future growth and expansion. New features and sections can be seamlessly incorporated into the architecture. This approach saves you time and money!

Website Design

Your website, like your brand, represents the style, character and uniqueness of your business. But that’s not our only concern. We also consider how your customers can best experience your website – that’s called usability. We follow current web standards in building compliant, browser-friendly websites, so you can be assured that your website will appear and function correctly in the web browser your desired customers use the most.

Website Redesign

Is your current website looking outdated? Are web visitors not finding what they are looking for? Do your recently-added tools like blogs, social networking and social media look like they are “add ons” and don’t quite look right in the current design? We fix broken websites quickly and affordably!

Website Maintenance

In addition to promoting your site via search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns, you’ll need to update the information on your pages and add content as needed. We’ll ask you during the planning phase if you want to use a content management system, a tool you can use to easily update or add content as needed. Or we can handle the updates for you quickly and quite affordably.


Discover how using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) can be an efficient way to manage workflow while publishing, sharing and storing information. WordPress is the industry standard today for websites that can be managed by their owners. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to incorporate into your website.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Responsive Website Design
Smart phones and tablets are prevalent today. They are quickly becoming the norm for using the internet. We make sure your website is easy to use on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android phones, iPad and other tablets. We build you one website that will work exceptionally well on all devices! This is called a responsive website. There is no need for the expense of two website designs!


Start selling your products and services quickly with our easy-to-use e-commerce packages that include shopping carts, SSL certificates and encryption, shipping calculators, order management, email marketing, and, of course, online payment methods. From sole proprietors to large businesses to nonprofit organizations, we’ve worked closely with our clients to build branded and useful e-commerce sites that drive sales. When planning, designing and building a successful e-commerce website for our clients, we are always sure to select the right shopping cart software for the job. There are many to choose from with many different options!

Social Media

Have you jumped into the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other social networking and social media? If so, we can help you maximize the benefits! There are many tools to integrate your social media with your website and vice versa. We will make sure you have one cohesive marketing effort.

Brand Development

Have you thought about how you want your company to be perceived by your customers, shareholders, stakeholders, the media, and other audiences? What qualities do you want your company to be known for? How do you want customers to respond when they see your products or services in a brochure, in an ad, on the news, or on the web? We will guide you through the branding development process to create a company brand that will help your desired customers remember who you are and encourage them to do business with you. Your logo is the biggest part of this image. This graphic illustration serves as your company’s emblem and will help your customers easily recognize your business. You will get color and black-and-white versions of your logo along with different file formats suitable for both online and printing needs.

Marketing Collateral

If you need something printed, we’ll design it! We can create the numerous printed materials you use to promote your business:

    • Logos – this graphic illustration serves as your company’s emblem and will help your customers easily recognize your business. You will get color and black-and-white versions of your logo along with different file formats suitable for both online and printing needs.
    • Stationery – in addition to letterhead and matching envelopes, we can custom-design invoices and internal forms that meet your business needs.
    • Business cards – let the business card speak for you to prospective customers and partners.
    • Brochures – from rack cards to tri-folds, these workhorses help you showcase your products and services in a variety of settings like networking events, tradeshows, hotel brochure racks, and more.
    • Advertisements – includes print ads for a magazine or newspaper, fliers, postcards, bus shelter displays, outdoor advertising/billboards, and more.


Adding a blog to your website is one of the most strategic and savvy promotional tools you can use. Blogging can help you achieve several objectives including:

  • Establishing your credibility and authority in your industry or marketplace
  • Share information that potential customers will find useful
  • Address issues that may be affecting your business or industry in a proactive, engaging manner
  • Direct blog visitors to specific areas or pages of your website

Video & Audio

Using video and audio on your website brings countless benefits to your business. With video you can:

  • Entertain Web visitors while sharing information, ideas and opinion
  • Clearly show how to use your products – from machinery to fashion
  • Create an online persona that will build a fan base and encourage return visits
  • Show television commercials or infomercials to a new audience
  • Use the video for viral marketing and social networking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Several factors affect how well a page will appear in search results. On-page factors like content-development, page titles, meta descriptions, alternative text for images, and the use of keywords in internal links are straight-forward and a normal part of SEO work. However, depending upon the complexity of a website and the competitiveness of its marketplace, other off-page factors may be required such as link building, social bookmarking and more.

SEO Copywriting

Did you know that the most important feature on your website is the copy? People and search engines use text to understand what you have to offer. Our keyword research service looks for the most promising terms people are using in their search efforts to find products and services like yours. Our SEO copywriting service uses those keyphrases in the writing of copy that engages and converts web visitors into customers AND helping search engines properly index your pages. Effective SEO copywriting achieves three goals:

  1. Pushes a page higher on the search engine results pages for the words and phrases people are using to find those products and services.
  2. The page is written in a style that matches your brand and target audience.
  3. Convinces the web visitor to take the next step, i.e. place an order, sign up for an e-newsletter, or even something as simply as clicking to another page.

We can either write the copy for your website from material and information you supply to us or we can edit your copy to ensure that it’s “search engine friendly” and focused on the needs of your customers.

Keyword Research

Do you know what words and phrases your desired customers are using to find products and services like yours? Could there be alternative phrases that will work better? How would you know? After helping you develop a list of potential keyphrases, we’ll research their potential, look for promising alternative phrases, and report on the findings that highlights recommended terms for use in the copy of your pages. For maximum results, keyword research is an ongoing task to ensure that your chosen keyphrases keep producing the results you want.

Paid Advertising & Landing Pages

We can help you set up and manage your online advertising campaigns while increasing their effectiveness. The secret to improving your return on investment and increasing conversion rates in pay-per-click advertising is using unique web pages called “landing pages” that have been designed and written specifically with the PPC ad in mind. For instance: you’re running a “Custom Portraits for Families and Children” PPC ad on Google. If someone clicks on your ad, you want them to see your “Custom Portraits for Families and Children” benefits page – not your website’s home page or a page that mentions this product offering plus five others. Let us help maximize your return on your advertising investment!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple “must do” for today’s web business. It’s still the best way to stay connected with your customers and keep them coming back for more of what you have to offer. We can tailor the design of the email to reflect your brand while ensuring that your content will be readable by the recipient. An easy-to-use email marketing tool can provide regularly scheduled reports on campaign performance and details like the number of email subscribers, bad/out-of-date email addresses, how many emails were opened, what links were clicked, and much more. This important data will help you develop the campaigns and content to keep customers, attract new business, and get feedback on your products or services.

Programming and Databases

Any website with content that changes – like an e-commerce or news site – needs a database. A database helps drive the content on your site as well as manage inventory and more. We build databases that can be integrated with your current systems or used to power a new site. Our programming specialists focus on producing solutions that are maintainable, scalable, secure and reliable for your web operations.

Domain Names

Your website requires with a unique and memorable address called a domain name. Consider obtaining a number of domain names that your company name, your products, your services, and the unique qualities that describes your business and its offerings. You can use these for a number of marketing and promotional uses as well as protecting your brand name. We can register your domain name(s) for you. Privacy registration is optional to protect your contact information from spammers.


We make hosting your website affordable and easy! For a fraction of what you would pay on your own, we offer you a robust server that runs all sites including WordPress very quickly. WordPress can load very slowly if not put on the right server. Don’t let GoDaddy bog you down! Your website will also be backed up daily and will be up and running 24/7/365.


Wondering how many people are coming to your website? How did they get there? What pages are they looking at? How long are they staying? The answers to these questions – and many more – can be found in your web analytics, a feature we provide to you at no extra charge. This data helps keep you determine what is and what isn’t working on your website so you can spend your time adding the content and features that lead to greater sales.