Building Your New Website

We make certain to listen to your goals and ask questions that guide you through the process of a new site.

  • Who is your target audience?  Gender?  Age?  Location?  Interests?
  • How will this audience be directed to your site?  Advertising?  Google search?
  • Are you selling something?  What kind of shipping will you use?  Do you need to upload multiple products at once?
  • Do you have existing marketing material that your website should be branded to match?  Logo?  Business cards?
  • Do you have the information ready to go on your site or do you need some copy-writing assistance?
  • Do you want to maintain the site yourself?  What components might be troublesome?
  • What do your competitors’ sites look like?  What do you love or hate about them?
  • What colors do you envision?  Clean?  Bright?  Corporate?  Whimsical?
  • Do you merely need a vehicle to get you from point A to point B or is a luxury car in your budget?

Whatever your answers are, you can be sure that your new website will be built according to the latest industry standards for coding and will use the latest tools to implement the job.

We will also be sure to hear your opinions and ideas and also make suggestions for what we think is best.  Ultimately, it is always your decision.  You will never hurt our feelings!